21 Burst Fade Haircuts 2019

The burst fade is a popular fade haircut for men. The burst fade tapers the hair around the ear and down the neck for an all-around fade. Like the drop fade, the burst fade haircut is generally combined with a mohawk hairstyle for an edgy, bold look. However, the burst taper also styles nicely with a trendy comb over, faux hawk, curly top, South of France, flat top, or cool hair design. In fact, while the burst fade has been historically more common in hairstyles for black men, white guys can also ask for the cut.

Because the burst taper fade can be a part of any men’s hairstyle, it’s one of the best types of haircuts for guys to get in 2019. Whether you want a low fade that drops around your hairline or a high bald fade for extra short hair that blends into your skin on the sides and back, here are the best burst fade haircuts.

Burst Fade

Burst fade haircuts are much like traditional fades, but with a twist: the fade is curved along the sides and back of the head, which helps give the cut its name.

Burst Fade Haircut

Men who are interested in a mohawk but who don’t want shaved sides have found that the burst fade taper is a stylish look that works well with a number of styles. These cool haircuts complement the longer hair on top.

Burst Fade Taper

While the most popular version of the style is the classic burst fade mohawk, guys can incorporate the burst haircut into the quiff, faux hawk, comb over, side part, flat top, crew cut, or even a mullet hairstyle. Because of its unique finish, the burst taper can certainly help you update your look and get a new hairstyle.

Cool Burst Fade Haircut White Men

Whether you have long, short, curly, wavy, thick or straight hair, there’s a burst fade that’s perfect for you.

Burst Fade Black Men

Burst Fade Mohawk

The burst fade mohawk is one of the best black men’s haircuts, although white, Hispanic and Asian men can all rock the look. While the traditional mohawk is styled with a thin strip of hair, the wide mohawk with longer, thicker hair offers a more flattering style.

Burst Fade Mohawk

Even though guys can always just get a mohawk fade haircut, the burst fade takes the hairstyle to another level. Choose between a high, mid or low burst taper and pair the cut with a line up around the forehead and temples. For a more toned down version, try the simple drop fade mohawk.

Burst Fade Mohawk Haircut

Finally, the burst mohawk can be trimmed and styled long and spiky or short and flat with all hair types. From nappy hair to tight curls to straight hair, try this badass mohawk.

Burst Fade Mohawk Hairstyle

Burst Taper Fade

The burst taper fade is a variation of the cut that trims the sides short but not all the way down to the skin. The burst taper is a short fade that looks handsome and classy as a gentleman’s haircut.

Burst Taper

A burst fade taper can be edgy when styled into a mohawk, but it can also be professional or even formal when combined with a traditional side part or comb over. In fact, if you’re looking for a soft version of this popular hairstyle, the burst taper fade might be your best bet.

Burst Taper Fade

Low Burst Fade

The low burst fade starts just above the ears and curves around the neckline to the nape of the neck. Easy to get and stylish, the low burst fade haircut is a short cut that doesn’t expose too much of the sides and back. For this reason, it’s a good way to cut your hair if you want a business professional hairstyle.

Low Burst Fade

If you like the idea of a burst taper fade but want a toned-down, clean-cut style, the low burst fade is a good compromise.

Low Burst Fade Mohawk

Burst Fade for White Guys

The burst fade first gained popularity among black men, but white men have slowly adopted it and used the sexy haircut to transform their own hairstyles over the years. The burst fade for white guys follows much the same cut and styling as for black guys.

Burst Fade White Guy

This allows white men to recreate many of the top short sides, long top hairstyles with unique styling.

Burst Taper Fade Haircut White Men

Burst Fade Comb Over

The burst fade comb over is one of the most popular ways to style a white guy’s burst fade. The haircut is basically a comb over fade with a twist. The comb over can be achieved with short or long hair, and the fade on the sides can be trimmed low, mid or high and tapered down to the skin.

Burst Fade Comb Over

The burst comb over can be paired with a hard part or hair design. Because of its versatility, guys can change their hairstyle into a voluminous pomp, textured modern quiff, or slick back. We recommend men use pomade, wax or cream to maximize volume and flow.

Burst Fade with Design

Guys love to get a burst fade with a hair design. Haircuts designs can range from lines to shapes, but it takes a talented barber to skillfully use a trimmer to shave a cool design into your burst fade.

Burst Fade with Hair Design

Although cool hair designs are usually displayed on the sides and back, try a burst fade with a design shaved into your neckline for a more subtle look.

Burst Fade with Design

Burst Fade Faux Hawk

The burst fade faux hawk is ideal for anyone who loves the idea of the classic mohawk, but not as an everyday style. Moreover, the faux hawk fade works for all hair types, including black and white. And because the fohawk is flexible, guys can use the same haircut to style a faux hawk as well as a quiff, pomp, short comb over, slick back, textured crop, and spiky hair.

Burst Fade Faux Hawk

To get the burst fade faux hawk, ask your barber to cut your sides short with medium to long hair on top. The best hair products to get the faux hawk will depend on your desired finish. For natural-looking textured hair, apply a strong matte pomade or wax.

Burst Fade Faux Hawk Haircut

Straight Hair Burst Fade

The trendy straight hair burst fade is a great example of how the haircut can complement all hair types. Whether you’re spiking your straight hair up or brushing it back, the burst taper offers a fashionable cut for the sides and back.

Straight Hair Burst Fade

Burst Fade Taper with Curly Top

Men with curly hair on top and burst taper haircuts can achieve many cool hairstyles. Blended on the sides and back with messy short to medium-length curls on top, the curly hair fade has been trending strong in recent years. To get the best curly hairstyles, guys should use anti-frizz creams, curl enhancers and high-hold men’s hair products.

Burst Taper Fade Curly Hair Top

Mohawk Fade

The mohawk fade continues to be the best modern mohawk hairstyle for men. Striking yet attractive, mohawk fade styles can be tailored for Asian, Latino, White, and Black hair.

Mohawk Fade

Furthermore, these types of mohawk haircuts can be styled with short, medium and long hair to suit your personal sense of style.

Nappy Drop Fade with Part

Flat Top Mohawk

The flat top mohawk is a fresh take on a classic barbershop hairstyle. Similar to the high top fade, a flat mohawk and burst fade looks best with a shape up.

High Flat Top Mohawk Burst Fade

If you’re a fan of the classic flat top fade but you’re looking for a creative twist, a flat top mohawk haircut can be a dope choice.

Flat Top Mohawk

South of France Burst Fade Mohawk

The South of France mohawk is simply the short version of a mohawk with a burst fade. Fans of the well-known R&B artist Usher Raymond will recognize the iconic South of France hairstyle. In fact, Usher was the first to popularize the cut in the US with the help of his famous barber, Curtis Smith.

South of France Mohawk

To get the cut, just ask your barber for a burst fade taper on the sides with a short but wide mohawk on top. Guys can also add a part or design to tailor the style. Furthermore, the South of France haircut looks good on black men with thick curls, twists, or nappy hair.

South of France Burst Fade Mohawk

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