How To Grow A Beard (2018 Update)

If you want to grow a full good looking beard there is definitely some strategy to doing that successfully. This is our guide about how to grow a beard.

Similar to growing out hair, there is more to growing a beard than quitting shaving. Some attention and beard products ensure that facial hair grows in as fully and comfortably as possible. Here’s how to grow a beard

1. Let it Grow

Yes, there’s more to growing a beard than putting down the razor but that is the most important part.

Don’t shave it. Don’t trim it. Don’t touch it. The longer you can wait, the better.

Some guys find it easier to avoid mirrors for a while. Usually, the first week is the hardest phase so time it with a camping trip, time off, or playoff season if you can. Beards grow thicker over time and with age so really, just wait.

After a couple of weeks, the shape of your facial hair will be apparent. Now, is the time to trim stray hairs on the cheeks and on the neck. Note that the beard line is not the line of the jaw. Find it by putting your middle finger on your Adam’s apple and index finger on top of it. Shave anything below it.

When you start to look and feel scruffy, use beard trimmers to get everything one length and clean up strays. It’s the equivalent of getting a haircut while growing hair out. Visit a barber if you don’t feel comfortable maintaining your own facial hair yet.

2. Hands Off

It is tempting to play with facial hair and even pick at any bumps on the skin. It’s gross to bringing germ, finger oils, and foreign objects so close to the mouth and into the skin. Second, this bad habit can irritate the skin. And most important, too much agitation can cause split ends and even bald patches.

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3. Beard Care

It is ideal to get into a beard grooming routine from the very beginning. Start using beard oil from day one to eliminate the itchy phase, soften facial, and prevent beard dandruff.

Whether you use a beard balm, beard oil, or both depends on your skin and hair types. Oils are not bad for oily skin but tend to be absorbed more quickly. They can be used multiple times a day, as needed. Beard balms contain wax to provide long-lasting moisture as well as hold. This can be better for thicker facial hair and dry skin.

Beard products are essential
for eliminating the most challenging part of growing a beard – itch. They also
prevent beard dandruff. Pick a product that you like the price and smell of and
use it.

Beards can also be brushed
right from the beginning. Brushing exfoliates skin, which helps keep skin clear
and itch-free. It also helps distribute balms and oils thoroughly and trains
hair to lie where you want it. If any sparse or patchy areas appear, beard
brushing and balm can “comb over” the spot.

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4. Beard Grooming Tools

Proper tools get the job done. Start with a Kent comb that won’t snag or damage hair. When the beard comes in more, upgrade to a boar bristle brush. Long beards can be brushed with paddle brushes or wood wide tooth combs. Wood ensures there is no static like plastic. Whatever you’re using, always be gentle with hair and skin.

5. Be Healthy

While there are lots of
products out there that promise to grow your beard thicker and faster, the only
thing proven solutions are good nutrition, healthy living, and exercise.

Eat a well-balanced diet, cut
back on junk, and drink water. While there is no evidence that vitamins can
stimulate hair growth, meeting all your nutritional needs ensures optimum hair
growth. Supplementing with a multivitamin and biotin, a B-vitamin that is important for the health of your hair, skin
and nails, can’t hurt.

Any exercise is good for you
but strength training can really help your beard. Weightlifting stimulates
testosterone production, which increases hair growth.

Last, the easiest and cheapest way to boost
testosterone is sleep. The hormone is produced during REM sleep so try to get
in 7-10 hours of sleep a night as much as possible.

6. How to Make a Beard Grow Faster

As mentioned before, healthy
living is the only proven way to accelerate hair growth. While Rogaine is not recommended
for the fade, some people report positive results but we recommend following
the instructions. Facial skin is much more delicate than the scalp.

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7. Have a Goal

If you’ve never grown out facial hair, you may not know what to expect. Like any long-term project, focusing on the final outcome rather than where are you now can help motivate you to keep going.

8. Going

At some point, you will want to quit. Imagine your goal beard. Think of how much closer you are to it now than when you started. You’ll get there. It will be worth it! Bad beard days happen. Don’t do anything you’ll regret.

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